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Illegibilus: Silvester *Edited Again* by Fluffpanda Illegibilus: Silvester *Edited Again* by Fluffpanda

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Name: Silvester Prince

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Height: 5’9

Weight: 142 lbs

Birthday: December 27th

House: Slytherin

Year: Fifth



Loud   Flirty(?) ♦ Protective ♦ Possessive ♦ Jerk ♦ Annoying at some point ♦ Secretive ♦ Cunning ♦ Lazy  Flippant

Silvester acts like the common spoiled rich kid: loud, annoying, lazy and arrogant. But underneath all that, he is actually just very protective of his secret identity and people who are important to him. He may come off as a spoiled lil shitbrat, but he'll change into a fiercely loyal friend once he gets close to someone. Despite his sheltered upbringing, he is actually quite resourceful and will definitely try to reach his goal once he's decided on it, using any means necessary. He tends to flirt with people, but that's only when he's in a good mood, which is rare; he is not very talented at it.


Silvester was born in a rich family filled with wizards, at least his mother's side was. After his mother was disgraced and disowned by her family because of marrying a muggle, he grew up living with his cousins and his grand mother. But before he departed with his dear mother, he found out about how his father was a muggle and he was told to never tell anyone about how he was a half blood. He didn't think it was such a big deal but kept his promise either way.

A few years after, he overheard his uncle and aunt talking about muggles. He heard about how they despised them and that their kind is an inferior race. Hearing this, he immediately ran to his uncle and stood up for his father and other muggles. He said things about how muggles are just as good as wizards or even better. His uncle stood up and sent him to his room with an angry tone in his voice, which is very rare considering his uncle had always been a lively fellow. In fear He ran back to his room crying when he met one of the house elves cleaning up his room. The short being ran underneath a small table beside his bed and crouched down. He had never seen such a peculiar creature, well besides all the other odd creatures he had encountered. He slowly approached the frightened being and comforted him. 

He soon grew closer to the house elf and finally understood why his uncle grew seemed very angry at him for defending muggles. He grew frightened of being a muggle, or at least being a half-blood with muggle heritage. From then on he knew how important it was to keep his 'heritage' a secret to people outside of his family.

On the day of his 7th birthday, he woke up to see a white, furry, creature napping on his bed. He slowly approached this creature and stared at it until it finally woke up. The aggressive little being immediately turned into a fighting machine. After hours of brawling with the Ermine, he finally managed to get a hold of the creature and brought it out to the dining room to question his family about its presence. It turns out, the creature was his birthday present, although it didn't seem like it at the time. Although, after a year of being stuck together, they finally created a healthy bond.

Soon after at the age of 11, he recieved an acceptance letter from Hogwarts and was sorted into Slytherin. After getting approval from his grandmother, he left for campus.



Ione Prince - 49 - Mother

Walter Prince - 53 - Father


Likes & Dislikes:

+ Praise

+ Magical creatures

+ Rain

+ Candles

+ Accessories

+ Adventure

+ Dark skies

- People finding out he's a half-blood

- Tea

- Warm weather

- Bright lights


Elective Classes:

♦ Care of magical creatures

♦ Study of Ancient Runes

Extra Curricular: Art



♦ Alohomora - Opens Locked objects

♦ Aparccium - Reveals invisible ink

♦ Expelliarmus - Disarms opponent

♦ Episkey - Heals minor injuries

♦ Ventus - Shoots a rope out of your wand

Wand Ingredients:

Core: Dragon Heartstrings

Height: 12 in.

Wood: Willow

Flexibility: Sturdy



Zia Pendleton: "Probably one of my closest friends here which is rather peculiar considering at first I must've been the most bothersome person towards her but hey, life has many surprises doesnt it?. I still cant get over the fact that she's dating Dimitri though I havent seen them together lately. Wonder whats going on but eh-- its not really my business, though it sure would be nice to know. And what do you know? She fell of her broom and got a scratch on her cheek. God I leave her side for just one week and she had already hurt herself geez.  Though despite all this she's a pleasant company"

Hanna Edeson: "She's a beautiful ravenclaw i met by a nearby hill when edeline ran away got lost, who somehow winded up being my girlfriend. I missed her birthday a little a go but she didn't seem to be too mad about it which is one of the reasons i love her. Though I havent met her for a while now. I miss her company a lot. Hopefully she'll come around"

Dimitri Leshchyov: "He's just a year older than me yet he acts like he's A LOT older than he really is which bothers me just a bit. But despite all that, he's not that bad, we actually had a lot in common. I haven't been seeing him around lately. hm. wonder what's been keeping him busy"

Ein Schutzhauer: "She's so little, like a doll my cousin used to ask me to play with but of course i refused. pshh w-why would i play with a doll. I took her to the infirmary when she was about to pass out in the halls. She was rather stubborn, saying that she didn't need my help but she eventually gave in. I cant seem to tease her like i do with other students since she takes them too seriously. Although despite that she's not that bad to be around with.



Name: Edeline 

Gender: Female

Species: Ermine / Stoat

Personality: Protective ♦ Smart ♦ Athletic ♦ Loyal ♦ Easily jealous


Other Info:

- Hides that he's a half blood

- Writes to his parents

- Never goes anywhere without Edeline

- Loves umbrella flowers

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